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Eucalyptus regnans - Mountain Ash

Eucalyptus regnans -  Mountain Ash
Eucalyptus regnans -  Mountain Ash  - view 1Mature TreeAdult Leaves
Eucalyptus regnans -  Mountain Ash  - view 4Eucalyptus regnans -  Mountain Ash  - view 5Eucalyptus regnans -  Mountain Ash  - view 6

Eucalyptus regnans is one of the tallest hardwood trees and the tallest flowering plant in the world. In its natural habitat it can reach 90m, but it's unlikely to get anywhere near this height unless it's planted in ideal conditions.

Because of its mature height only plant where there's space for this fast growing giant of a tree.

Apart from its uses for screening it is an attractive tree with broad, drooping leaves and smooth peeling bark.

Mature Height: Up to 90m
Rate of Growth: Very Fast 1.5-2m per year
Hardiness: ** -10 to -15°C
Soil: Wet tolerant
Position: Shade Tolerant
Growth Habit: Fast growing, tall and thin.
Leaves: Attractive drooping, broad glossy green.
Bark: Rough around base moving up to smooth cream, grey-green, brown or yellow-white, with ribbons in upper branches.
Special Interest: Screening

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  Happy tree  Bought one of these from King Barns & one from someone else, the King Barns tree was much healthier & stronger, planted outside about a month ago and still looking happy. I'm guessing these guys have a real passion about growing.   (08/12/2016) RA - Leicester

  Recent Purchase  My most recent purchase from Kings Barn Trees was as impressive as the last time. My order of 3 trees, including the magnificent Eucalyptus regnans, arrived in lush condition and carefully packaged. Will be coming back for more later in the year. Would definitely recommend these growers.   (04/02/2016) Tom Jones - Romiley, England

  Great service.  Straightforward to order and informed about delivery (i.e. that as order was close to a weekend the despatch would be later to avoid the plant sitting in a warehouse unnecessarily - good attention to detail).   (29/11/2015) DR - London/Wales

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Eucalyptus regnans - Planting Stock (13.00)
Eucalyptus regnans - 3 Litre Air-Pot (33.00)
Eucalyptus regnans - 60-90cm in 7.5 Ltr Air-Pot (41.00)
Eucalyptus regnans - 120-150cm in 9 Ltr Air-Pot (55.00)
Eucalyptus regnans - 150-180cm in 9 Ltr Air-Pot (55.00)
Eucalyptus regnans - 90-120cm in 7.5 Ltr Air-Pot (49.00)
Eucalyptus regnans - 90-120cm in 7.5 Ltr Air-Pot (49.00)

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