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Outdoor Classroom Kits - SOLD OUT

Outdoor Classroom Kits  - SOLD OUT
Outdoor Classroom Kits  - SOLD OUT - view 1Outdoor Classroom Kits  - SOLD OUT - view 2Outdoor Classroom Kits  - SOLD OUT - view 3
Outdoor Classroom Kits  - SOLD OUT - view 4Outdoor Classroom Kits  - SOLD OUT - view 5

This season we are bringing you the Outdoor Classroom Kit for you or your organisation to create a designated outdoor space. This area could be used for teaching lessons and workshops, as a reading or quiet space and even as a play area.

The kits are very easy to make. The willow rods are inserted into the ground and tied together and will set down roots and will begin to grow. The new growth can be woven in around the existing structures creating a dense screen of foliage.

This kit can make a great group project, promoting team building, mathematical, practical and artistic skills. Not to mention a sense of achievement and something to show for it afterwards.

Each Kit Contains:
Willow Rods of the correct lengths for hedges and structures
Full step-by-step instructions
Flexi-Tie (rubber string)
Optional - Use Weed Control Fabric & Pegs for easy maintenance and the classroom is less likely to become muddy.

Outdoor Classroom
Circular Classroom with 6 metre diameter
16 metres x 1 metre tall Willow Fence
1 x Willow Arbour
1 x Willow Arch
Capacity Approx: 15 - 18 Kids or 8 - 10 Adults

These structures will need annual Spring/Autumn maintenance for them to keep their shape. This can be done by anyone who can safely wield a pair of secateurs.

They will need cutting back to their original height to allow the frame to bush out and become denser and for it to keep tidy. After 2-3 years you will be able to use a hedge trimmer or shears to give the structure a quick trim.

A tool which would greatly aid the planting of an Outdoor Classroom would be a Willow Planting Spike

Delivery Cost: £18.95 (UK Mainland only)

Select Your Kit Size:
Outdoor Classroom 175.00
Weed Fabric & Pegs Outdoor Classroom 50.00

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