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Heavy Duty Plastic Barbed Peg (Black)

Heavy Duty Plastic Barbed Peg (Black)

In stock

These heavy duty black plastic barbed pegs are 150mm long and very strong. Perfect for holding down mulching fabric.

Recommended spacing at 1 per metre either side of the fabric plus extras for the ends.

Sold in quantities of 10 or 100.

Can be used with our Heavy Duty Mulching Weed Control Fabric.

  Work well  These work really well to hold the mulch matting in place. They spear through it easily but really hold into he ground, to hold it all in place. Would definately recommend.   (12/03/2015) Emma - Oxfordshire

Select Unit Quantity
Plastic Barbed Peg {Quantity:10 Pegs} (2.50)
Plastic Barbed Peg {Quantity:100 Pegs} (20.00)

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