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Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis

Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis
Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis - view 1Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis - view 2Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis - view 3
Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis - view 4Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis - view 5Willow Whips - Salix Viminalis - view 6

This willow is supplied as 120-300cm (4ft-10ft) whips (also called rods) suitable for planting from the end of December to March. Whips are simply inserted into the ground where they will self root. This is a very vigourous and healthy variety of willow.

Our recommendation for plant spacing for screening is 30cm/1ft. This can be done as a single or double row. To work out how much willow you need for your project and a guide on how to plant willow see our Living Willow Information Section.

We cut our willow whips fresh to order. It is then sorted and graded to supply with you the best possible quality.

For our ready-made Kits to create: domes, arches and tunnels (these come with all the willow you need, cut to size, and step-by-step instructions) refer to our Willow Structure pages.

Delivery costs start at £12.95.(UK Mainland only)

  Fantastic service  I am really glad that I dealt with Kings Barn trees. They were incredibly helpful and supportive. They were very flexible and I would deal with them again without hesitation!\n  (24/01/2017) Aaron Southgate - Buckfast Abbey, Devon


  Superb !   Got mine in the ground within a day. Kings were much cheaper than others. Bring in spring \n  (11/01/2017) -


  Salix Viminalis Purchase  Have purchased around 50 whips to soften our Panel fence in the summer time, whips are in the ground and im waiting with anticipation for the spring when I can see some movement. I would like to thanks King Barns company for their excellent service and advice.\n  (10/01/2017) Carl Riley - Pe14re


Bundle Sizes :
40 x 4ft/1.2m Willow Whips 24.00100 x 4ft/1.2m Willow Whips 55.00
40 x 5ft/1.5m Willow Whips 30.00100 x 5ft/1.5m Willow Whips 65.00
20 x 6ft/1.8m Willow Whips 20.00100 x 6ft/1.8m Willow Whips 85.00
20 x 7ft/2.1m Willow Whips 22.00100 x 7ft/2.1m Willow Whips 95.00
20 x 8ft/2.4m Willow Whips 25.00100 x 8ft/2.4m Willow Whips 110.00
20 x 9ft/2.7m Willow Whips 30.00100 x 9ft/2.7m Willow Whips 142.50
20 x 3m Willow Whips 35.00100 x 3m Willow Whips 166.25

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