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Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis

Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis
Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis - view 1Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis - view 2Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis - view 3
Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis - view 4Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis - view 5Willow Setts - Salix Viminalis - view 6

This willow is supplied as 1ft long setts (hardwood cuttings of Salix Viminalis, known as 'slips') suitable for planting from the end of November to March. Setts are 300mm long (12") and are simply inserted into the ground where they will self root. This is a very vigourous and healthy variety of willow .

Our recommendation for plant spacing for screening is 30cm/1ft. This can be done as a single or double row. To work out how much willow you need for your project and a guide on how to plant willow see our Living Willow Information Section.

We cut our willow setts fresh to order. It is then sorted and graded to supply with you the best possible quality.

These will create a coppice style (ground level) hedge. For longer lengths and a more instant hedge, refer to Living Willow Whips.

Delivery Cost starts at £3.95

  Willow setts  Arrived on time and well packed. I bought these setts to plant around the base of the seven foot high whips that I purchased earlier. This will give me a two stage growth and thicken out the bottom of the hedge. I have also set out an igloo shaped dome and eagerly await the seasons growth.\n  (17/04/2016) -


    We bought these to help with our willow den arrived very quickly and were very easy to plant. Now just waiting for them to grow \n  (30/03/2016) Clare - Southampton


    Excellent service. The product was well packed and arrived very fresh. I would highly recommend using this company for your requirements.\n  (04/03/2016) -


Bundle Sizes:
20 x 1ft Willow Setts 8.00
100 x 1ft Willow Setts 35.00
200 x 1ft Willow Setts 60.00
500 x 1ft Willow Setts 150.00

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