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Heavy Duty Mulching Weed Control Fabric 70g/m (Black)

Heavy Duty Mulching Weed Control Fabric 70g/m (Black)

In stock

This heavy duty weed control fabric is high quality, very thick at 70g/m. Water resistant and UV stabilised for longer life. Great as a Landscaping Fabric and as Mulch Matting.

It is a spun fabric so unlike the woven plastic versions meaning it has a soft feel, is easily cut with scissors or a knife and does not fray

Perfect for using with newly planted hedges or Living Willow Structures. Also used for site preparation and general weed control over new ground and flower beds.

Can be used with our Heavy Duty Plastic Barbed Pegs at intervals of 1 metre to hold firmly down.

Available in various widths:

1 metre Wide
1.5 metre Wide
2 metre Wide

Select Unit Length
Mulching Fabric 1m wide {Qty:1 metre} (1.50)Mulching Fabric 1m wide {Qty:10 metres} (8.50)Mulching Fabric 1m wide {Qty:100 metres} (55.00)
Mulching Fabric 1.5m wide {Qty:1 metre} (2.25) Mulching Fabric 1.5m wide {Qty:10 metres} (12.75)Mulching Fabric 1.5m wide {Qty:50 metres} (41.25)
Mulching Fabric 2m wide {Qty:1 metre} (3.00)Mulching Fabric 2m wide {Qty:10 metres} (17.00)

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