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Willow Planting Spike

Willow Planting Spike

In stock

A useful tool if you have a lot of willow to plant. It consists of a steel rod mounted in a wooden shaft with a handle and foot jut. The steel rod is 250mm (10") long, just the right length for planting willow setts or rods.

It's sturdy and well-made by a carpenter local to us in Sussex. With screwed and glued joints to make it as robust as possible.



(Including VAT at 20%)

  Easy work  I have planted a long fedge in a new build garden and this tool made it so quick and easy. It definitely worth the money to save my knees and back from aches and pains! Quality tool that is really robust and will last a long time. Planning on planting another fedge in autumn so will be used again.   (20/03/2016) Jane - Dorking

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