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Flexi-Tie Rubber String

Flexi-Tie Rubber String
Flexi-Tie Rubber String - view 1Flexi-Tie Rubber String - view 2Flexi-Tie Rubber String - view 3

An alternitive to garden wire or string that is more friendly to plants. Made of a soft but strong rubber tube it will not cut into or strangle your plants. It will even expand as the plant grows.

A fantastic product that it easy to use and tie, and will hold a knot without slipping. It is very stong and is even re-usable. Once you've used Flexi-Tie in your garden you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The rolls come in two different sizes and colours:

Brown Flexi-tie: 35 metres x 3.5mm thickness (Heavy)

Green Flexi-Tie: 60 metres x 2.5mm thickness (Thin)

  Better than string or wire  This is perfect for securing the willow whips into shapes for my fedge. Really easy to use and economical.   (20/03/2016) Jane - Dorking

  excellent product  I was a little bit dubious at buying this Flexi-Tie but it is fab I used this to create my willow bower. what was good is sometimes you just needed an extra pair of hands to hold a piece of willow and I used this with just a single knot it held perfectly.   (09/03/2016) Esther Moore - Brundall Norwich

  Brilliant stuff!  I am so glad I bought this to tie together the willow on an arch I constructed. There's LOADS of it, so will be useful for future projects and it works brilliantly to tie the willow together securely but with some stretch. Definitely recommend.   (12/03/2015) Emma - Oxfordshire

Flexi-Tie Rubber String - Brown - 35 metres x 3.5mm (Thick) 7.95
Flexi-Tie Rubber String - Green - 60 metres x 2.5mm (Thin) 9.25

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