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Package for Debra 202.50

Package for Debra £202.50

Package of:

as per email including delivery £202.50

Package for test 00.05

Package for test £00.05

Package of:
payment as per email for test

Package for P.Porter 96.00

Package for P.Porter £96.00

Package of:

as per email including delivery £96.00

Package for  F Harrison 59.50

Package for F Harrison £59.50



(Each )

Package as per email including delivery £59.50
3 Pack Mixed Eucalyptus Planting Stock Trees

3 Pack Mixed Eucalyptus Planting Stock Trees



(Including VAT at 20%)
1st Tree Species Choice
2nd Tree Species Choice
3rd Tree Species Choice

This is a package price for any three Eucalyptus Planting Stock trees.

The young saplings are sent with their rootballs within soil and healthy fibourous root systems. The plant heights depend on species but they will be anywhere between 20-60cm (from top of the soil).


Select three species in the boxes above, they can be all the same or all different.

If you want to order two packs then 'Add to Cart' the first pack stating your choice of three and then 'Add to Cart' the second pack stating your additional choices.

Shipping flat fee of £7.75 for any number of plants.
Delivery Charge

Delivery Charge

Order Value
Royal Mail Small Parcel (3.50)
Planting Stock Trees (7.75)
3 Litre Pot Tree (9.50)
7.5 Litre Pot Tree 90-120cm (12.50)
7.5 Litre Pot Tree 120-150cm (15.00)
7.5 Litre Pot Tree 150-180cm (19.00)
7.5 Litre Pot Tree 180-210cm (20.00)
7.5 Litre Pot Tree 210-260cm (25.00)
Living Willow Whips (18.95)
Custom Shipping Package 24.00

This item is ONLY for the delivery of orders where delivery was not added during the checkout process.

Carefully select the correct shipping charge from the order value, then checkout.

'Custom Shipping Package' only to be selected when directed to by us.

Living Willow Whips

Living Willow Whips

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