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Tape Tying Machine Starter Kit

Tape Tying Machine Starter Kit
Tape Tying Machine Starter Kit - view 1Tape Tying Machine Starter Kit - view 2Tape Tying Machine Starter Kit - view 3
Tape Tying Machine Starter Kit - view 4Tape Tying Machine Starter Kit - view 5

This kit is ideal for your first Scrap Free Tape Tying Experience. This package contains: 1 x Rubangel Tape Tying Machine Model TB-F, 10 x Rolls Tape (Green) and 1 x Box of 5,000 Staples.

The TB-F tape tying machine (or Taping Machine) is an advanced version which doesn't produce scrap tape.

These very handy tools are for tying plants to supports quickly & efficiently with no mess or scrap. Used for many plants, shrubs, trees, fruit & veg crops and vines. The machine creates a loop of tape to hold the plant to the support then staples the tape together, without the mess created by traditional machines.

Once you've used this machine you'll wonder how you managed without it!

The tape machine comes complete with two spare springs and a spare blade in the tape compartment.

We test every machine we send out ourselves and load up with the first roll of tape for you (meaning you'll receive 1x roll of tape inside the machine and 9x spare rolls)

Product Featured on BBC Gardeners' World (05/08/16)



  Great fun to use   Really is a timesaver and a pleasure to use- sorry the season is nearly over and nothing more needs tying up! Kings Barn service exceptional too.   (20/09/2016) Audrey - Isle of Man

  A REAL BOON - A MUST HAVE TOOL   Connecting it all up instructions could be clearer but once done this gadget is a real boon. A neat tidy job Done in seconds. In colder weather this comes into its own,not having to fiddle with string or wire. Strong construction and should last for years.   (17/09/2016) DAVID - CARSHALTON

  A Time Saver  A great tool, so much quicker that cutting and tying endless short pieces of string and continually bending down to pick up the ball of string and scissors for the next one. Purchased too late in the season to get the full benefit on this years tomatoes and sweet peas etc.   (14/09/2016) -

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