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Living Willow Small Tunnel Kit

Living Willow Small Tunnel Kit
Living Willow Small Tunnel Kit - view 1Living Willow Small Tunnel Kit - view 2Living Willow Small Tunnel Kit - view 3
Small Tunnel 2 metres longLiving Willow Small Tunnel Kit - view 5

Our Small Tunnel Kits are just for kids and can create an excellent play den. Also available in Large size for Adults.

The kits are very easy to make. The willow rods are inserted into the ground and tied together and will set down roots and will begin to grow. The new growth can be woven in around the existing structure creating a dense screen of foliage.

These tunnels make great group projects, either for your family, your school or your community centre. Excellent project for promoting working in a group, mathematical and artistic skills, not to mention a sense of achievement and something to show for it afterwards.

Product photo shows a Small Tunnel 2 metres length.

Each Kit Contains:
Willow Rods of the correct lengths
Full step-by-step instructions
Flexi-Tie (rubber string)
Optional - Extras Kit: For Weed control and easy maintenance plant with Black Mulching Fabric & Plastic Barbed Pegs

The Small Tunnel Kits measure Height 1.3m x Width 1.2m

These structures will need annual Spring/Autumn maintenance for them to keep their structure. They will need cutting back to their original height to allow the frame to bush out and become denser and for it to keep its shape. After 2-3 years you will be able to use a hedge trimmer or shears to give the structure a quick trim.

Delivery Cost: £18.95 fixed rate for all Willow Structures, any quantity. (UK Mainland only)

  Willow tunnel  We were very pleased with our willow whips, they came very well packaged and on time. On opening the package we found the whips in excellent condition and in no time we had them planted. Our willow is already showing signs of growth, they are full of buds. We cannot thank Kingsbarn enough.\n  (10/01/2017) Paul Swain - St Marys Primary School


  Willow Tunnel Kit  Excellent product easy to install .... now just have to wait and see if it grows !!\n  (09/02/2016) -


Select Your Kit Size & Extras:
2 m long Small Tunnel 45.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 2 m Tunnel 6.00
3 m long Small Tunnel 65.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 3 m Tunnel 8.00
4 m long Small Tunnel 90.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 4 m Tunnel 9.50
5 m long Small Tunnel 110.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 5 m Tunnel 11.00
6 m long Small Tunnel 125.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 6 m Tunnel 13.00
7 m long Small Tunnel 145.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 7 m Tunnel 14.50
8 m long Small Tunnel 165.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 8 m Tunnel 16.50
9 m long Small Tunnel 190.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 9 m Tunnel 18.00
10 m long Small Tunnel 210.00 Weed Fabric & Pegs 10 m Tunnel 19.50

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